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Neuromagnetic Signal Generator
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 Legal: Templates for many signals in the software are licensed for use with this software by Dr. M.A. Persinger and Stan Koren.

This page is more for the technically-minded who want to understand how the volume is set.


This is the volume setting panel for the Shakti Player (left). The Shakti Signal Generator (above) is embedded in the Shakti software, with it's own volume setting utility, making it easy to set your volume.

After long testing, a set of rules has appeared that will let you set your volume for your sound device, according to your gender (men get higher settings than women).

There are many sound cards, and a few of them do not fit the settings shown here, but the overwhelming majority of today's sound devices can be set using the chart shown at the bottom of the volume setting panel.

If you have a specialized sound device, and you want to set your volume for it, you can use another method.

The 8 coil headset comes with a short 'patch' cord. One end of it goes into the microphone plug, and the other end goes into the speaker plug.

You run a software audio meter (embedded in the software), and a test tone. All you need to set your volume is included. However, your settin will be approximate to some degree, but don't worry. "Exact" volume is not essential.

This method is not suggested for ordinary users with ordinary computer skills. It's more appropriate for advanced users, technophiles, and laboratory workers.

Vu Meter (donationware) used by permission of it's author (link). If you obtain an 8 coil Shakti, and use this method for setting your volume, please send the author of this excellent utility a donation.

If you intend to try to reproduce specific lab results, it helps to have a "Dr. Gauss" Gaussmeter. Information on how to order one on-line is at the bottom of this page.

What's a gaussmeter? It's a device that lets you measure the strength of a magnetic field. You have to make sure that the signals coming from The coils aren't too weak, or too strong.

If you choose to obtain one, you need to know that you set your volume to 10 milligauss, and that the amygdaloid signal is suggested for calibration purposes.


Shakti technical support can give you advice about how to use a gauss meter to set your volume. However, there are only three models that are suitable for use with Shakti, and they are:

"DR. GAUSS", "Gauss Master", or "Mister Gauss"

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