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 Legal: Templates for many signals in the software are licensed for use with this software by Dr. M.A. Persinger and Stan Koren




Each brain is different, and with those differences come a wide range of responses.

Using a headset with coils held in in place (The Shakti helmet), driven by a stereo CD, some people have had truly visionary experiences, some people have had enhancements in dreaming practices, a few have had Out-Of-Body Experiences. The range of response runs from 'dud' to dramatic.

The first generation of this technology, developed within the Laurentian University (LU) Behavioral Neurosciences program, with rotating signals, saw a wide range of responses. In sensory deprivation, about 75% experienced something paranormal. These sessions were done in sensory deprivation, which includes silence and not just quiet.


No. Safety studies have found no evidence of adverse effects. View report HERE

How can I make sure I don't have unpleasant sessions?

One of the simplest ways is to use the 8 Coil headset treating both sides the same, and you need to follow the instructions. Do not do sessions more often than once every 72 hours under any circumstances. If you don't have a history of psychological disorders, then it's very unlikely that you will have an unpleasant session. If you do have such a disorder, then you shouldn't order any of the Shakti devices.

For the more adventurous:

Many of the brain parts we work with have two sides. One in the left hemisphere, and one in the right. If one on one side is pleasant, the one on the other side will be unpleasant. To make the 8 coil unit safe FOR YOU using only one side, you'll have to be sure you're not 'left-handed' with regard to any of the structures it works with.

To do this test, you apply each signal to both sides of the head, one at a time. You do 10 minutes with ONE wave form on one side, and then the same wave form on the other side. Then, one chooses the more pleasant side, and run a session on that side for about 20 minutes. If you decide to obtain Shakti For Windows, you should do these tests. People who have one structure 'reversed' usually find out at this point. Make sure your left and right channels aren't 'swapped', so you don't get a false result.

Can Shakti run on Windows VISTA® ?

Yes. Shakti is fully compatable with Windows Vista. There is a Sound Setup (NOT volume setting) utility that makes sure your sound is optimized for Shakti by turning off special effects, adjusting the windows treble/bass control, making sure your sound isn't "muted", and telling your microphone not to add it's input to the signals. This is completely automatic with Windows XP, but two settings should be checked under Windows VISTA ®, and changed by hand, if nessessary. There are clear step-by-step instructions, with pictures, to guide you.

What about dramatic effects?

For dramatic effects, you need sensory deprivation, including silence, not just quiet. You also need to relax as much as possible, but without falling asleep. You should do longer sessions - 60 minutes - than for other purposes.

Which Brain structures does Shakti work with?

Shakti's best-tested wave forms are specific to the amygdala and the hippocampus , two limbic structures. There are also less-well tested signals for the caudate nucleus, the septum and the thalamus We apply the amygdalar wave form to the dominant hemisphere (that usually means the left side), and the hippocampal wave form to the non-dominant side (usually the right side). Getting Shakti to work for you will require you to test yourself in a couple of ways. The amygdala is an emotional structure, and its positive emotions have to do with its activity on the left side. The hippocampus is a cognitive structure, and its positive ways of thinking have to do with activity on the right side. These statements are based on previous work with these structures using the signals derived from them, including published and unpublished laboratory studies, reports from participants in the Shakti project, and the author's personal experience. Some studies, especially concerning the amygdala, offer different conclusions, but it's important to understand that these studies do not reflect the effects of this kind of stimulation, and are often based on animal studies. The amygdala of animals are quite different from the human amygdala. The feline amygdala has 7 nuclei, while in humans, it has 21.


Not in the normal sense of the word, but the process can have some ups and downs for some people. These downs, called 'metabolic snapback' (also called Compensatory overshoot) can happen with weekly sessions, but haven't been reported with sessions done every three days.

Is the Koren Helmet a better brain stimulation device?


The Koren Helmet is the original laboratory apparatus used in published scientific papers as well as appearing in television documentaries. It is not available to the public. In one study, the Shakti Helmet was compared to the Koren Helmet, and found to elicit comparable EEG activity, except in the Alpha range where Shakti produced more robust effects.

Which is better: The 8 Coil Shakti or the Shakti Helmet?

Reports from the 8 Coil Shakti's users show that it's more effective than the Shakti Helmet (now discontinued). I has far more signals, and the coils can be moved, making it a far more versatile instrument. It also costs a bit less than it's predecessor.

Does it come with a manual?

The manual is embedded in the software, and covers hardware setup, which signals you can use, where you can put the coils, and also covers using geomagnetic influences to your advantage, as well as tweaks, tips and tricks. The software is a sophisticated ebook, a format that allows information to be displayed the way that the software functions are.

What's the return policy?

Shakti has an unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. Just send an email prior to returning your Shakti system, to confirm the address you send it to, and send it within 30 days. Shakti also comes with a one-year warranty against defects in workmanship.

What about upgrades?

New versions of the software appear a few times a year, and are delivered for free by email.

What about support for research projects?

You must send your formal, referenced proposal by email (txt, eml, or html formats), along with your institute's review board approval for your experiments, as well as the name of the university or institution you work with, and the name of your principle investigator. Informal research does not qualify. Support is considered on a case-by-case basis.

How close are the Shakti signals to the original laboratory apparatus?

Very close. The Shakti Signal Generator has it's own built-in equalizer. The settings are loaded each time you run a session, and are based on a careful comparison with the original laboratory signals. The settings were prepared by Stan Koren, who built the first "God Helmet".

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