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Neuromagnetic Signal Generator
Shakti does not diagnose, treat, or prevent medical disorders. No statements about Shakti For Windows have been evaluated by the FDA
 Legal: Templates for many signals in the software are licensed for use with this software by Dr. M.A. Persinger and Stan Koren.

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Use with care.    
Use only the suggested session designs.    
Do not use If You Have a History of Epilepsy, Migrane headaches or if you have a damaged or compromised Brain.    
If you have any kind of Psychiatric or mental disorder, ask your doctor or psychiatrist if it's OK for you to use Shakti before you order.    
Do not use if you are taking psychiatric medications.    
If you are ambidexterous, you'll need to accept some limitations. Click HERE to learn about them with illustrations.    
Do not use if you do not understand English.    
Do not use if you are less than 18 years of age.    
Do not use it at the same time as other mind-machines or in combination with drugs.    
Only use with Magnetic Coils - do not use with electric current.    
Use at your own risk.    
Some individuals have experienced mild headaches using this technology. (infomed consent about headaches) They have been relieved using common headache remedies. They are often not headaches in the usual sense of the word, but are rather senses of pressure. Most of these have associated with the hippocampal signals. Change your signals if you experience headaches following four sessions. Do not begin using Shakti with the hippocampal signal if you are especially prone to headaches. Other signals are available.    
The Shakti software author reserves the right to reproduce any and all reports, tech support e-mails, and other communications subsequent to the 8 Coil Shakti. Your name and e-mail address will never be revealed.    
If you are producing or own patent rights to any neural stimulation technology, contact the software author for a trade license before you order.    
Please report any unexpected or unwanted effects to the webmaster.    
End-User License Agreement For Shakti For Windows    
All units are guaranteed against defects in workmanship for one year.    
30 Day Money Back Guarantee ~ Refund terms and conditions.    



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