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Legal: Templates for many signals in the software are licensed for use with this software by Dr. M.A. Persinger and Stan Koren. 


65 Minute session with 8 Coil shakti on temporal lobes with Amygdala and Hippocampus signals together produced very bright and vivid geometrical patterns and electrifying visions.

"For the last three years I've been a student of ChalandaMa. ChalandaMa is a Shakti master. She does something (I have no idea what, it feels like some kind of psychic interaction) that has really enhanced my ability to move into 'enlightened' states more readily."

The first time I used your Shakti for Windows system (40 hz with the magnetic inducers .. don't know what you call them .. at the amygdala / hippocampus position). I experienced a physical awareness of the center of my brain. After a couple of sessions, I found I could relax something in the center of my brain that motivated my 'world-construction'. That is, I could relax the part that drove the organization of my perceptions into a consistant model of self and also objective reality. It feels like a knot unravelling in the center of my brain. When I unravel the knot, my sense of self/objective reality gets much more fluid. I am learning to move into 'enlightenment' as a choice. In addition, I am becoming more loving and patient in my daily life.

I went to a meditation intensive with ChalandaMa this last weekend. The feedback that I got was that I was 'holding' enlightenment much better. The group has an unusual number of people who have had enlightenment experiences, and a few who maintain the experience, so this is pretty credible feedback. I ascribe the difference primarilly to the 'unravel the knot' trick that I am learning over the last few weeks.

Your technology has been a very big help to me. I am very grateful to you for making it available. Thank you thank you thank you."

"Shakti does mimic spiritual feelings, associated with a
subtle sense of well being and a new outlook on life, a kind of rebirth."

"I did feel a sensation of expansion and peacefulness in my heart only seconds after I put the (hippocampal) signal on. ... It felt like I was taking a contraction out of my brain. I am looking forward to taking out more of this contracted state..."

"Yesterday ... I was inspired again to use Shakti and used the
Hippocampal signal with Fibonacci amplitude cycle over my right side of the
brain. This session made a real impact on me not only in my brain but also
physically ...what I am most delighted about is the fact that my whole body feels lighter ...
Needless to say I am highly motivated to keep going with using Shakti. "

"So report: Feel good, no problem at all. More calm, more comprensive,more happy, maybe a bit more intuitive. More present to myself, more easy (to) stay awake in (the) yoga sense to Me. Less nervousness, less anger, less violence."

"I just did my first session. I used the amygdala signal over the temporal lobes. It was extremely intense. I only did it for 5 minutes, because of the intensity. Immediately I could feel my eyes sort of flickering. I know I will enjoy experimenting with this device, but I will probably take it slow as I was amazed by the strength of the stimulation."

"Like I was flying toward a forest which I would dive down into and as I did the trees became this fractal field of forms that begin to revolve and undulate. I would slow to a stop and be surrounded by these fractal forms as though inside some surreal hanging garden. They would begin to revolve and spin away from me changing to a sombreo shape with undulating tentacles which then assumed a fractal repreating pattern and became whatever the next picture would be. That series repeated several times."

" ...a sophisticated flexible device and one that has always given me positive results and continues to do so. The sessions do not take much time. I always look forward to
trying new ones.

I feel a sense of growing and awakening with the sessions. This shows as a feeling of growing bigger. And, also as more parts of the brain being activated.

Shakti sessions have integrated well and are an aid to my other spiritual practices."

"Love it. Never had any negative experiences, and it serves me very well."

"It was very relaxing, in the beginning I had many thoughts passing in my mind, after they stopped and start visions, plenty of them, the relaxation went so deep that some times I felt (like I was) asleep" (using 8 Coil unit with hippocampal signal)

" ... a lovely experience of well being and mental awakeness."

Online testimonial HERE(Shakti combined with meditation)

The Shakti I'm using is inducing nocturnal epics! Very entertaining stuff, that...

A ..." sense of unmistakable lightbody and elation lasted for over an hour AFTER the 10 minute session was finished"

"I had a very dramatic change in attitude after using it for ... 13minutes. I noticed everything seemed brighter, and sounds seemed clearer ..."

"I have been doing 10 minute sessions, in a meditation posture. After the session runs out, I continue to meditate for about 20 minutes. I notice the effect of stimulation within a minute or so. However, my meditation improves after the session has run out."

Note from webmaster: This is consistant with other reports where Shakti sessions ending about one hour before doing meditation can enhance meditation practice.

Amygdala sessions:

I [had] mild to moderate "bliss full state" ... I really like the frontal and temporal lobe sessions, Since using them I've had resurrected old old memories from when I was a little child with amazing clarity and depth. Remembering little details about what I was holding, doing, saying, etc...(memories w/Full mental pictures, & sound/voices.)

"....enhanced relaxation, enhancement of colors, sounds, smells, etc... I really truely believe this device will revolutionize much of mental health. ... It's benifits are awesome. ...

I use the alternating Amygdala/hippocampal signal a lot and I enjoy the enhancements it offers. (Frontal lobe for 30mins, and then alternate to the temporal lobes every few sessions, & use the amygdala session or if it does nothing use the Amgdala W/Fibbionacci signal.) Both have great effects."

"... Dream related phenomena happens consistently every time I have tried it, anywhere from 15mins to 1hr. It has dramatic effects on visual accuracy and vividness in dreams.
(I used) 15-60 mins hippocampal or alternative hippocampal signal on the right
side 1hr before bed.

(Modulated 40hz signal)

(I notice) ... the outcome for a few days or a week afterward. My Love for my wife is intensified, my sleep is deeper, my dreams are stronger, and an overall sense of well-being that goes along with that.

After the last session I was all 3 days strongly and positively energized and in a very good mood, despite of the bad weather conditions when other people mostly feel down.

Meditation (Holosync), immediately after the Shakti session was deeper than usual (with a) more intense feeling.

The most successful experiment I experienced so far (just did it this morning for the first time) with it was applying it’s OBE settings during my nap phase when inducing a (Lucid Dream). ... When I was in the Void phase, instead of just floating or falling in darkness until the dream starts, I was seeing many different patterns of colors. It was very interesting. Then it turned into the most vivid lucid dream I can ever recall. And another plus was that after the dream was over, it was easy for me to get out of bed. It felt more like coming out of a trip then waking up. I hope these effects are not temporary.LINK

After about an hour of the session. I felt a significant pleasent rise in affection. Also a warm
pleasent feeling in the back of the head and chest. Then I dropped off to sleep.

Woke up with the daylight, an uninterrupted sleep, (which is) not normal for me at this time. Still felt some effects in the morning.

(48 hours after) my second session of stimulating the temporal lobes with the modulated 40hz signal. ... I had the most incredible generalized euphoria imaginable. It lasted approx 3 hrs. If this is indeed what I am to expect then I am in for a glorious future using Shakti . (Something like this also happened the second time I used the frontal lobe stimulation with the Amygdala-hyppocampal signals but I was somewhat unsure about the results and it didn't happen during the later 4 stimulation sessions.)

Note: report from man in his 70s

I did a 30-minute fast hippocampal-session on both temporal sites. I did not notice much so far. I got quite tired during the session, on the edge of falling asleep. ... After the session I felt clear awake and very much centered and relaxed. I was able to read a novel for 45 minutes in bed before sleep with a high level of concentration (usually I can only read for 5-10 minutes) and I had a night full of nice dreams ...

I was seeing all vegetable material, in particular trees, quite differently than before. And when I say "differently", I mean: "the kind of differently I highly appreciate" ...

Hippocampal signal with Fibbonacci amplitude cycle

I tried the hippocampal fibonacci. Very nice!
After about 20 minutes i was able to (do) remote viewing and imaging with ease.

My sessions are for the maximum 60 minutes. I've tried to be as thorough as I can in utilizing all signals and locations. My current method is to keep the location the same and use it for all variations of all signals (once for each location and signal) . When the cycle is complete, change the location, go through the signals again, etc.

I feel enhanced abilities in such facilities as interpersonal communications, my own person magnetism (or power), the ability to anticipate accurately future outcomes, and extremely more active and conscious dreaming.

I find doing the sessions especially relaxing and rejuvenating and immediately after a session feel mental glow emanations.

Towards the end of maintaining this (inner) balance and having visions float in and out of awareness (not unlike trying to calm one's mind while meditating) I found that, all of a sudden, I could 'see' a black point that seemed to be an opening of sorts. Everything was dark but in the point it seemed as if it was darker, blacker and felt like an opening in space, a very spacious place. This felt very good to see. I could see a faint outline of an 'eye' in the center of this blackness. It was very easy to 'see' all this and I felt a reality to this dimension while maintaining awareness of my body. (frontal lobes with modulated 40hz signal).

... I own one of those Shakti-things (sic), and it does what it promises. I highly recommend it.

(Online comment from a person involved with rTMS. NOTE: rTMS is a very different technology that uses field strengths many times stronger than Shakti. rTMS is a clinical technology. Shakti is not. rTMS is not designed for altered-state experiences.)

By the time I got downstairs (soon after the session) and had dinner with my wife, effects were noticed. I felt quite calm, with a quiet mind, no anxiety, concerns, fears, etc. I was just present.
This sounds good to me.(8 coil Shakti applying amygdaloid signal over the temporal lobes)

... I have more of prolonged visual overexcitabilities that lasted three or four hours, very nice mental sex experiences, fairy tale enviroment exploring and such.

The 8 coil array is extremely flexible in allowing for (coil) placements in different locations of the head and has been quite useful in deepening mediative states prior to ... (hypnosis). link

I applied the coils on the top back side of the head for one hour. Results in the last (3) days I had OBE's they were the most fantastic projections I have ever done. It was so easy and so natural.(NOTE: This is from a person who had a long history of spontaneous out-of-body experiences, but had been unable to have them at will.) Applied modulated 40hz signal.

Roughly three hours after the Shakti bliss session today I went for a routine chiropractic adjustment - and afterwards some recent severely ramped up stress/distress broke up and imploded.

Then while waiting in the car for a friend who had stepped into a health food store I drifted off into a semi-awake lucid dreaming experience and witnessed a metaphoric/archetypal image of a huge wooden tower slowly imploding - realized the tower represented my life as I had built it to date - each floor and room in this huge jerry rigged wooden tower representing a this-lifetime life experience.

I've been practicing Holosync every day for four years. It's not nearly as dramatically effective as Shakti ... Shakti enhances the Holosync experience very nicely, making the meditations consistently more powerful and deep.

...tried Shakti. It was an amaxing 6 hours that I spent after that with my friends (who also had the experience).
I saw my own face on a different person, as bright as I can see, i saw auras, i saw energy coming out of people's eyes when they look at each other ..

After first two sessions, 10 minutes each, the quality of my dreaming during regular sleep has improved. It used to involve a lot of negative stuff. I was a soldier... lots of combat experiences, three purple hearts, etc. Even though that was years ago the echoes are still around.

Just ince starting Shakti I have noticed that my dreaming at night is positive, without confrontations. If the Shakti signals do nothing more than this they will have helped a lot.

Right hemisphere, using the Hippocampal Signal (#1), over the right temporal lobe

This is my first experience with Shakti and I must say I found it very pleasant. The first feeling I noted was a deep feeling of relaxation within the first minute. What is interesting is that it was as deep or deeper and faster that any of the other techniques I use and have experienced. Toward the end of the session and after it was complete I felt very good, so good I was wondering how to describe it. I don't know if this is bliss but the best way I can describe it is; the warm wonderful feeling one gets after a deep warm loving sexual relation with another person. Where both are satisfied, content and just wish to exist in that moment.

8 Coil Shakti with "feelgood" session

This morning I awoke with a continued feeling of peace and clarity of thought... as if I had slept very soundly. I feel refreshed and eager to achieve something worthwhile. ... I have felt an increased need to bring order and peace into my life and I've addressed projects that have been on hold. I have also continued to feel a "playful seriousness" that I believe is making me much more effective at my "day-job" ...

I haev also experienced a pleasant increase in sensory awareness. The beauty of nature is more exquisite, I see order and pattern more. My partner is even more lovely and vibrant (despite health issues that she is facing with arthritis). I am much less distracted by mental "noise" and more aware of detail and meaning. My sense of taste is enhanced and food is a kind of adventure. I wish to stress that these effects are subtle... I am making this sound like a dramatic, overpowering shift - it is more of a gentle unfolding.

8 Coil Shakti with "feelgood" session.

Well, What can I say, I am lost for words.... I installed my new sound card yesterday afternoon and had my first Shakti Session. I am s regular smoker, or should I say WAS a regular smoker, I had not have nor had I had any kind of cravings for a cigarette, I mean I put the cigarette right in front of me to purposely temp myself but here is almost early afternoon and no cravings... I am speechless......

I had been trying to quit for the last 2 years tried prescription medication, patch, the gum, nothing seemed to work... and eventually I just gave up trying!! and now? I had not thought about quitting for quite some time now and here I am smoke free for almost 24 hours, without any cravings. I asked myself "could I have a smoke? Would I get sick from it? And yes I could have one but WHY should I? I feel fine without it!!

Again, I am left speechless, I had not set myself any expectations on how will Shakti effect me but I can say this, even if I never have any other effect from using Shakti it was worth buying it just for making this disgusting habit of smoking stop right in it's tracks without any kind of effort even without any intent of quitting, I am still the same person as I was yesterday, my emotions had not changed on how I view things but I just feel like I had stepped out of a mirror image but leaving the smoking trapped inside the mirror, and not being afraid that I will have any kind of relapse of starting to smoke again.

Hippocampal Signal through the right channel and amygdaloid signal trough left channel for 10 minutes. Applying over both temporal lobes, with the hippocampal signal over the right side and the amygdaloid signal over the left side.

Amygdala signal over the left side, and hippocampus on the right side

I have experienced an increase in intense dreaming or possibly just an increase in "remembered" dreams. Possibly both.

This is working well and I like it. My mind is much clearer now. I'm in a choir group and sometimes a song just runs over and over again in my head (which becomes stressful and irritating to me). Many years ago when I was working with a teacher I got so that I could clear my mind anytime in a blink. In the last couple of years I have lost that off and on. Now with this Shakti session I have it back again ... I used to just say "who am I" and I'd go "thoughtless" and just be at peace and just function from now. But now since this is coming from a mechanical means then "who am I" doesn't mean anything and doesn't work. I can do it by just watching my breath and do a single sound mantra in and out and it happens after a breath or wo. And then through out the day it also comes back again as soon as I notice I have "lost it".

So the weird thing is that this has always been a "spiritual" experience. But maybe I was always mistaken. This seems to be just a certain brain action, and maybe certain practices got me to that experience in the past - but the Shakti seem to be doing it now.

Hippocampal signal over the frontal lobes



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