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Using Shakti to Enhance Meditation

Shakti can be used to enhance meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices. This includes other mind machines, like binaural beat technology, light and sound devices and others.

Shakti can enhance meditation when it's done after a Shakti session. The effect does not appear until an hour to three hours after a Shakti session ends.

However, you should not meditate during your Shakti sessions. Meditation during Shakti sessions seems to be ineffective. In fact, some people have reported that their meditation during sessions was a struggle, and that they weren't able to 'get into it' as they usually could.

What seems to be happening is that a Shakti session activates your brain in one pattern, while meditation or other mind machines activates your brain in other patterns. Meditation during a Shakti session gives your brain conflicting instructions, so that neither the session nor Shakti have their intended effect.

When Shakti sessions are done first, and the meditation (or other technique) is done later on, the extra activity in the brain can be directed into the 'task' meditation offers. The result is that meditation can run much deeper than usual. The same is true for other mind development techniques.

The rule for maximum effectiveness in combining Shakti with other techniques is "Shakti first, and the other from one to three hours later".

Foe Vipassana and Zen meditation, both the feelgood and the "altered states" sessions as well as the hippocampal signals over the right temporal or frontal lobes are good candidates.







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