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Neuromagnetic Signal Generator
Shakti does not diagnose, treat, or prevent medical disorders. No statements about Shakti For Windows have been evaluated by the FDA
 Legal: Templates for many signals in the software are licensed for use with this software by Dr. M.A. Persinger and Stan Koren.

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Version History

1B First release


Added info for closing VUmeter

Changed zip file name.

Added precaution for screensaver ( Disable audio screensavers before use).

Added precaution for one-coil use (more likely to see snapback when sessions
over one side are repeated).

Added "suggested" to the Two Coil headset in the "getting started" menu

Added link to online info for brain-relevant frequencies for use with
Function generator.


Added screensaver ("tunnel") to provide an alternative to audio screensavers whose music will distort the signals.


Added multimeter/oscilloscope for advanced users.


Added flashing lights monitor utility.


Added left/right channel checker.

Added CD player with good low-frequency response


Added embedded software to drive the 8 Coil Shakti unit.


New interface. Re-named software. Changed 'enter password' function. Presupport form moved to online location.

2c Added one "as seen on TV" two phase session.


-Software versions for two & four coil units now separated. For two and four coil headsets, the present version is 3b/4. For 8 Coil headsets, the present version is 3d.8

- Added onscilloscope, VUmeter, and fast Fourier Transformation to allow users to view signals in real time.

-Added batch file to help set 'recording source' to display signals through oscilloscope, etc.

- Added Septal (pleasure center) signal.

- New Front End.

- Smaller Stopwatch

- A few more sound cards now supported with Shakti Level Meter

- Two and Four coil versions now use Javascript to set times for sessions. (8 Coil pages will see these soon.)

- Three new two-phase sessions.

- Removed "Quickmix" for the present (Though I believe we'll be seeing this very cool and useful software again in the future). Removed multimeter.

- "About" page changed. EULA changed. Spelling corrected on a few pages. More cross-linking for information. Password changes. Feedback submission changed. Password entry page changed.

- Changed the initial size of window.

3C/8 (version 3c for 8 coil headsets)

- Fixed restart software bug.


Fixed issue with menu in 8 Coil section preventing correct display of one of the pages for Caudate Nuclear signal & Modulated 40 hertz signals.


Removed embedded oscilloscope (for win2k compatibility) & replaced it with another oscilloscope/spectrum display. Replaced front-end animated illustration. Added 'rapid' versions of the hippocampal and amygdaloid signals. Added four-phased session. Added Javascript for selection of session length.

V4C.8 Added "feelgood" and "altered state" session designs to 8 coil section. Added new graphics. New masthead. This version is essentially a graphic design improvement. No new signals with this version.

V 4D.8

Added graphic "headers".

V 4E.8

Added "the Modulated 40 Hertz 'chirp' signal" to non-structure-specific mono signals and two dual-phase sessions.

V. 4F to V4G

Added illustrations for FeelGood and Altered States session. Other minor fixes.


This version number was not used, due to the ambiguity between the letter ' i ' and the number one.


Fixed some bad internal links.


Fixed bad link for internal oscilloscope when accessed through the main menu & links for brain map. Fixed Shakti Volume control page & added more sound card information. Replaced clumsy method of access for multimedia panel with simpler batch file.

5 - Developmental Version

6 - Created only for 8 Coil Shakti

7E - Uses embedded player or Windows Media Player. Added more two-phase sessions, and illustrations. New Navigation Sytem. Many other changes. Removed and/or replaced several executables.

7G - recompiled to eliminate false trojan warning from a few security softwares.



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