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Neuromagnetic Signal Generator
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 Legal: Templates for many signals in the software are licensed for use with this software by Dr. M.A. Persinger and Stan Koren.




(4 Coil unit)




The four coil Shakti unit is best suited to gradual transformation, meditation enhancement and spiritual experiences. They can utilize 16 signals, placed over 5 areas of the brain for a range of effects.

Shakti For Windows is available with four coils. The four coil version takes advantage of both stereo channels so that different signals can be applied to each side of the brain.

The signals used with the four coil units are 'static'. This is less effective than the more dynamic, alternating signals in the 8 Coil System, but still can create some very worthwhile results.

SHAKTI - 4 Coil units


The 8 Coil Shakti is designed to facilitate intense spiritual experiences. It's the closest to the "Koren Helmet" featured in many television documentaries about alien abductions, near-death experiences and the paranormal. This is the newest version of this technology to be made available. It can utilize twelve different alternating signals applied over four areas of your head, and 16 additional, non-alternating, signals

Alternating (or rotating) the signals between the two pairs of coils greatly amplifies the power of this technology.

The 8 Coil Shakti system is the manufacturer's suggested device.

It has more signals and combinations of signals, as well as coils that can be moved, making it the most versatile Shakti System. It does not use a helmet, but it works on the same principles as the helmet shown in TV documentaries and reported in the scientific literature.



From a BBC report:

"How does Dr. Persinger artificially induce religious experiences in his patients?"

Dr. Persinger has designed a helmet that produces a very weak rotating magnetic field of between ten nanotesla and one microtesla over the temporal lobes of the brain. This is placed on the subject's head and they are placed in a quiet chamber while blindfolded. So that there is no risk of 'suggestion', the only information that the subjects are given is that they are going in for a relaxation experiment. Neither the subject nor the experimenter carrying out the test has any idea of the true purpose of the experiment. In addition to this, the experiment is also run with the field switched both off and on. This procedure Dr. Persinger claims will induce an experience in over 80% of test subjects."