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Neuromagnetic Signal Generator
Shakti does not diagnose, treat, or prevent medical disorders. No statements about Shakti For Windows have been evaluated by the FDA
Legal: Templates for many signals in the software are licensed for use with this software by Dr. M.A. Persinger and Stan Koren. 

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"For the last three years I've been a student of ChalandaMa. ChalandaMa is a Shakti master. She does something (I have no idea what, it feels like some kind of psychic interaction) that has really enhanced my ability to move into 'enlightened' states more readily."

The first time I used your Shakti for Windows system (40 hz with the magnetic inducers .. don't know what you call them .. at the amygdala / hippocampus position). I experienced a physical awareness of the center of my brain. After a couple of sessions, I found I could relax something in the center of my brain that motivated my 'world-construction'. That is, I could relax the part that drove the organization of my perceptions into a consistant model of self and also objective reality. It feels like a knot unravelling in the center of my brain. When I unravel the knot, my sense of self/objective reality gets much more fluid. I am learning to move into 'enlightenment' as a choice. In addition, I am becoming more loving and patient in my daily life.

I went to a meditation intensive with ChalandaMa this last weekend. The feedback that I got was that I was 'holding' enlightenment much better. The group has an unusual number of people who have had enlightenment experiences, and a few who maintain the experience, so this is pretty credible feedback. I ascribe the difference primarilly to the 'unravel the knot' trick that I am learning over the last few weeks.

Your technology has been a very big help to me. I am very grateful to you for making it available. Thank you thank you thank you."

"Shakti does mimic spiritual feelings, associated with a
subtle sense of well being and a new outlook on life, a kind of rebirth."

"I did feel a sensation of expansion and peacefulness in my heart only seconds after I put the (hippocampal) signal on. ... It felt like I was taking a contraction out of my brain. I am looking forward to taking out more of this contracted state..."

"Yesterday ... I was inspired again to use Shakti and used the
Hippocampal signal with Fibonacci amplitude cycle over my right side of the
brain. This session made a real impact on me not only in my brain but also
physically ...what I am most delighted about is the fact that my whole body feels lighter ...
Needless to say I am highly motivated to keep going with using Shakti. "

"So report: Feel good, no problem at all. More calm, more comprensive,more happy, maybe a bit more intuitive. More present to myself, more easy (to) stay awake in (the) yoga sense to Me. Less nervousness, less anger, less violence."

"I just did my first session. I used the amygdala signal over the temporal lobes. It was extremely intense. I only did it for 5 minutes, because of the intensity. Immediately I could feel my eyes sort of flickering. I know I will enjoy experimenting with this device, but I will probably take it slow as I was amazed by the strength of the stimulation."

"Like I was flying toward a forest which I would dive down into and as I did the trees became this fractal field of forms that begin to revolve and undulate. I would slow to a stop and be surrounded by these fractal forms as though inside some surreal hanging garden. They would begin to revolve and spin away from me changing to a sombreo shape with undulating tentacles which then assumed a fractal repreating pattern and became whatever the next picture would be. That series repeated several times."

" ...a sophisticated flexible device and one that has always given me positive results and continues to do so. The sessions do not take much time. I always look forward to trying new ones.

I feel a sense of growing and awakening with the sessions. This shows as a feeling of growing bigger. And, also as more parts of the brain being activated.

Shakti sessions have integrated well and are an aid to my other spiritual practices."

"Love it. Never had any negative experiences, and it serves me very well."



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