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Neuromagnetic Signal Generator
Shakti does not diagnose, treat, or prevent medical disorders. No statements about Shakti For Windows have been evaluated by the FDA
 Legal: Templates for many signals in the software are licensed for use with this software by Dr. M.A. Persinger and Stan Koren.

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Using magnetic signals for consciousness exploration, spiritual growth, altered-state experience, and learning brain structure and function.

Meditation Enhancement, Out Of Body Experiences, Visions, Altered States, Lucid dreaming, visual enhancements, and other effects have been reported from this technology.

Click to hear an EEG signal

  "Last nite - the 2nd evening after the session - I had an OBE. It was wonderful. I am not sure how long it lasted, but I knew it was going to happen because at first I had very vivid visions."

Your brain produces electrical signals as it operates. Shakti For Windows applies magnetic signals to your head that mimic these signals. Because some brain structures have known 'signatures', they can be 'targeted' by applying their signature signals.

Shakti uses signals derived from individual brain structures to elicit altered-state experiences. The different jobs these brain parts do provide different effects for each signal. Each signal 'targets' a specific brain part.

Most Shakti signals are derived from EEG traces


This is not a signal - it's a picture of a signal.  If you don't see the picture, right-click and select *show picture*.


This is not a signal - it's a picture of a signal.  If you don't see the picture, right-click and select *show picture*.


This is not a signal - it's a picture of a signal.  If you don't see the picture, right-click and select *show picture*.

The target structure responds to these signals, as well as structures connected to it. EEG (electroencephalography) reads electrical activity from the brain, and it's 'traces' are the original source for most of the signals used in Shakti For Windows.
The three different signals shown here each have different effects, and all come from different areas of the brain.
They are produced using audio files that 'play' the signal to a set of magnetic coils. These coils produce magnetic signals.

.Shakti For Windows has session designs to facilitate: Out-of-body experiences ~ Lucid Dreaming ~ Bliss and other positive feelings ~ Remote viewing ~ And More.


With Shakti For Windows, you can turn on your brain, one part at a time. If you like the altered state a particular session brings up, you can repeat it (with specific schedules) often enough that your brain 'learns' to access the effects on it's own. If you don't like the effects of a particular session, don't repeat it.

Each brain is different, and there are many ways to use SHAKTI For Windows. Your experiences will depend on what you're prone to, and the choices you make in using it.

Not everyone is equally sensitive to this kind of mind-machine, but the Shakti project has yielded observations that can help slow starters get going.

One of the ways this technology has been effective is as a meditation enhancement. When sessions are done so that they end about an hour before meditation, meditation can be improved. The same thing has been reported by people who are using other mind-machines after their Shakti sessions. Using other mind machines, or doing meditation during Shakti sessions doesn't work as well.
Shakti For Windows can induce spiritual experiences and transformation for many people when used according to instructions. It's also a powerful tool for consciousness exploration.

  Shakti For Windows represents a new generation of a technology developed at Laurentian University's Behavioral Neurosciences Program, under the direction of Dr. Michael A. Persinger. In laboratory settings, this class of technology had succeeded in inducing experiences that people call religious, spiritual, or mystical.
This refers to deep states of relaxation as well as 'visions', enhancements in dreaming, mood elevations, and a whole range of 'special' experiences.


Shakti (and it's predecessors) rely on a simple idea. It started with two EEG (electroencephalograph) signals taken from parts of the brain that are known to be involved in religious experiences (the amygdala and the hippocampus). These two structures turn out to be where the seizures begin in epileptics who had blissful or visionary seizures (not a common type of seizure, but it does exist).

These EEG signals were converted into data files, and eventually into audio files, and from there, to a sound card.
Instead of being played through speakers or headphones, they are 'played' through a set of magnetic coils, which produces magnetic signals instead of sounds.

Their magnetic signals 'match' the electrical signals from the two structures we're working with. As a Shakti session proceeds, these structures become more and more active. For most people, 10 minutes later, they start to feel something. Half an hour into the session, that feeling becomes stronger, and it begins to dominate the person's experience, if the session is successful. Sensory deprivation helps elicit effects during the session, while It's not nessessary for effects that last between sessions
- 16 signals can be applied to any one of six locations on one or both sides of your head for a range of effects.
- Comes with a Function Generator that will let you apply your choice of sine, square, or other simple wave forms. (Not for beginners)
- Includes support for many sound cards for automatic volume settings, as well as inexpensive approaches to setting your volume for those with other sound cards.
Requires: Windows 95 or later, § Installation WITHOUT Changing the default directory.§ Internet Explorer V. 4 or later (With JAVA enabled)

Linux or Unix cannot run the Shakti software without an emulator.
Click HERE to find one and to download a test utility.

Macintosh computers can run Shakti, but require Virtual PC,
Click HERE for more information


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