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Shakti does not diagnose, treat, or prevent medical disorders. No statements about Shakti For Windows have been evaluated by the FDA

If you have a psychiatric disorder ...

People sometimes write asking about using Shakti for a psychiatric disorder. The answer to all these inquiries must be the same. Shakti does not diagnose, treat or prevent any medical conditions, including psychiatric disorders. No statements about Shakti have been evaluated by the FDA (The US Food and Drug Administration).

If you have a diagnosed psychiatric disorder, ask your doctor or psychiatrist before you order Shakti.


The warning not to use Shakti if you have a psychiatric disorder without asking your doctor or psychiatrist is not just a matter of legal disclaimers. Psychiatric disorders, which involve persistent mental pain, are based on disordered neural functions and pathways. When the related pathways are are triggered, the symptoms appear. One risk that presents itself to people with these disorders using Shakti is that their pathological routes through the brain can be the path of least resistance for responding to almost anything that happens. In these extreme cases, even the Shakti signals can trigger an unpleasant response.

However, not all mental issues are caused by psychiatric disorders. Some people are simply unhappy with their own tendency to go into fear, anger, or sadness, and consider these tendencies to be an obstacle to their spiritual growth. Such people do not need psychiatric medications, psychotherapy or to spend time in an institute. They may wonder if they fit the diagnostic criteria for a mental disorder, but 'know in their hearts' that it isn't that serious.

Such people can order and use Shakti, but should begin with frontal lobe sessions, or the 'feelgood' session.

If you feel this applies to you, and you want to know how you can use Shakti to move away from negativity, giving you the space to cultivate positive thinking, then you should know that the sessions most germane are going to be ones over the frontal lobe, or two-phase sessions that begin over the temporal lobes and end over the frontal lobes. One such session is called the 'feelgood' session, and interestingly, it has less effect when used by a person who already feels good, just like aspirin has no effect when you have no pains.

These mood enhancement sessions are not intended to cure psychiatric disorders, and shouldn't be used as a substitute for medical treatment. 




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