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The Feelgood Session -
Overcoming Fear, Anger and Sadness.


The 8-Coil Shakti software has a session in it called the 'feelgood' session. It's a two-phase session that uses four coils over the temporal lobes, and four coils over the frontal lobes.

The session applies two signals taken from the amygdala and hippocampus, the most sensitive structures in the brain. These two structures participate in almost everything you think or feel. The area on the surface of the brain that listens to them when you're feeling bad is the temporal lobes. The same can be true if you are feeling extraordinarily good, so this isn't a session for especially joyous or blissful people - they should use other sessions.

One way to overcome negativity is to get the frontal lobes listening to the amygdala and hippocampus more than the temporal lobes do.

The Feelgood session begins with the signals over the temporal lobes, and then moves the stimulation to the frontal lobes. The response to the signals builds up slowly in the temporal lobes, and is then 'shunted' to the frontal lobes, suddenly and dramatically forcing them into activity. The activity that appeared slowly in the temporal lobes appears suddenly in the frontal lobes.

The result can be that the person doing the session can find themselves feeling good. The exact feeling will depend on the kind of negativity they experienced before the session. The dominant role the temporal lobes played now belongs to the frontal lobes, making bad moods much more difficult to get into.

Interestingly, the effects often don't emerge clearly until the morning after the session. Immediately after the session, you might feel a bit foggy, but that goes away, and only a few people have reported feeling it.

This session is not a treatment for psychiatric disorders. If you have or think you have such a disorder, click HERE for more information.

However, not all mental issues are caused by psychiatric disorders. Some people are simply unhappy with their own tendency to go into fear, anger, or sadness, and consider these tendencies to be an obstacle to their spiritual growth. Such people do not need psychiatric medications, psychotherapy or to spend time in an institute. They may wonder if they fit the diagnostic criteria for a mental disorder, but 'know in their hearts' that it isn't that serious.

Such people can order and use Shakti, and may find the feelgood session to be one of it's best session designs.

The Feelgood session is one of the most effective Shakti sessions, and is so popular among Shakti users that it deserves it's own page on this website.

NOTE: The Feelgood session is NOT for attaining altered states of consciousness. It's better understood as a 'mood enhancer'.





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